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IFRA IoT Platform

Build your own IoT solution with powerful tools such as Device Management, Data Collection, Data Virtualization, System Integration etc.

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Device Mangement

Data Analytic

Data Visualization

The most flexible IoT platform for your business

Collect and control

Connect and manage IoT devices via the cloud using graphical UI or REST API. Collect and visualize telemetry using a built-in dashboard or 3rd party tools like Grafana.

Security & User Management

Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Out-of-box authentication & authorization for users with open OAuth2 / UMA interface.

Fast, scalable, modern

With IoT microservices architecture baked by Kubernetes, you can scale infinitely, scale only what is needed, all with extreme performance and fault-tolerance.

Full control

You choose where to host the IoT platform: in the public cloud, on your premises or even in both places at the same time.

Get insights from your data

Stream data from your IoT devices to any data analytics system via pre-integrated Kafka channel. Change device behavior based on processing results.

Created by experts

The company behind the platform has over 25 years of experience in IoT, Telecom and Big Data. We used all our profound knowledge to create the best IoT Platform that can serve big enterprises as well as small startups.


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